Our Mission

Using SMS and our network of mobile operator companies worldwide, our iBASIS Business Messaging mission is to build the necessary bridge between companies and their customer communication.

Fixed and Mobile Destinations
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Customers worldwide (120+ countries)
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Direct Mobile Operator Connections
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Employess across 28 locations worldwide
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Global Reach. Local Touch.

Leverage our direct connections with mobile network operators worldwide and our presence in 27 countries to reach farther and connect closer with your customers. 

Today, iBASIS serves 1,000+ customers across 18 offices worldwide.

Our Story

As a pioneer in the field of SMS, iBASIS Business Messaging has been working with the A2P SMS product for close to 25 years, rapidly becoming the leading European A2P SMS expert.

Over the years, a global A2P SMS Hub was established, connecting customers and brands worldwide from all industries. With a presence in 27 countries, iBASIS Business Messaging is one of the most renowned specialists in the field of communication.

In 2023, the international communications solutions group Tofane Global (TOFANE) acquired global SMS aggregator DIMOCO Messaging and integrated it with its iBASIS subsidiary. Today, powered by iBASIS’ carrier-grade network infrastructure that serves 1,000+ customers worldwide across 27 countries, the new iBASIS Business Messaging services deliver over two billion messages annually to regional and global large-scale businesses.

Join Us

At iBASIS, we strive to live our company core values of Trust in Teamwork, Empowerment, Diversity, and Agility in our daily working lives. Our office environment promotes collaboration and creative thinking, allowing employees to thrive in the workplace or in our many remote offices around the world.

Our colleagues are a culturally and geographically diverse group of peers and mentors whom you can learn from in a truly international business environment.