Healing Communications

Patient care is compromised when test result notifications are delayed, medication reminders are overlooked, or crucial appointments are missed due to miscommunication. There is also a constant challenge around educating patients on health practices and procedures.

Use SMS solutions for efficient and timely appointment management, seamless educational and informational messaging campaigns, and secure platforms to ensure patient data privacy.

~ 0 %

reduction in missed appointments with meeting reminders*

1 %

clinic attendance rate when multiple reminder notifications are sent*

The Heartbeat of Healthcare Communication

Ensure timely healthcare communication and data privacy, promoting better patient adherence and enhancing healthcare efficiency.

Solutions Applications​

Appointment Notifications

Reduce no-show rates with reminders.

Medication Alerts

Promote prescription and refill reminders.

Test Results

Notify patients about medical results quickly and securely.

Healthcare Policy and Insurance

Provide timely customer information and updates.

Health Tips

Educate patients through well-being and wellness campaigns.

*Source: PAMJ One Health

Prescribe Better Healthcare Communication