Captivate Audiences
in Real Time, Every Time

With audiences constantly seeking new, different, and immersive experiences, effective communication is vital – but current methods often fall short. Alert audiences about new releases, premieres and special events, personalized content recommendations, and real-time communication during live events.

Stay ahead of the competition with customized messaging and content to enhance the user experience, efficient mechanisms to promote new releases, immediate feedback loops, and seamless integrations with existing entertainment platforms for cohesive communication.

0 %

average open rate for SMS campaigns, making it a highly effective notification and reminder channel*

1 %

forecasted CAGR for media and entertainment messaging to be used to advertise movies, programs, events and more from 2019 to 2025*

The Star of Personalized Media Communications

With targeted and timely updates, elevate user engagement, promote personalized content, and foster continuous improvement in content quality and user loyalty.

Solution Applications​

Instant Reminder Alerts

Update fans about movie premieres, new episodes, or album releases.

Personalized Recommendations

Tailor content suggestions based on viewing or listening histories.

Live Event Updates

Enhance the experience of live events or shows with real-time updates.


Engage audiences with SMS-based quizzes, polls, or contests during shows or promotional campaigns.

Exclusive Promotions

Offer special deals, early-bird access, or behind-the-scenes content to loyal subscribers.

Subscription Notifications

Remind users about subscription renewals or updates.

Feedback Loops

Gather instant feedback post-screenings or after season finales.

Elevate Every Encore
with Engaging Messaging