Driving Communications Forward

Automotive customers report dissatisfaction due to inconsistent communication that leads to overlooked promotions or new model launches, events and schedules, missed service appointments, or delays in repair status.

Leverage a simplified and powerful SMS solution for tailored promotions based on customer subscriptions or purchase history, seamless appointment bookings, and reminders. Reduce service no-shows, and improve real-time service updates.

0 %

of customers get frustrated when the organization they’re engaging with doesn’t offer a personalized messaging experience*

1 %

of scheduled appointments are honored after clients receive a text reminder**

Powering the Journey of Automotive Communications

Ensure timely, clear, and tailored messaging for each customer, improving targeted promotions, appointment attendance, and enhancing overall client engagement.

Solution Applications

Vehicle Service Reminders

Prompt alerts about appointments for servicing.

Repair Status

Update on car maintenance or repairs in real time.


Announce new car models or limited-time deals.

Safety Alerts

Inform drivers of critical vehicle recalls or safety notifications.


Gather customer input after service or purchase.

*Source: McKinsey  |  **Source: SpotOn

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