Steering Clear Communications

Travelers and commuters demand instant updates. Challenges such as promoting new deals or special fare changes, delayed route or flight updates, missed service or booking confirmations, and a lack of feedback channels can significantly hinder operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Offer real-time notifications for any changes or delays, targeted promotional messaging capabilities based on user history, and interactive feedback collection for continuous improvement.

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of online travel bookings occur with no human interaction via mobile or website*

< 1 %

reduction in no shows when implementing automated SMS and email reminders*

Navigating the Future of Travel Communications

Enhance operational efficiency, ensure a smooth travel experience, and increase user satisfaction to maintain higher retention and repeat bookings.

Solution Applications

Real-time Updates

Update customers about routes, flights, or journey status.

Booking Confirmations

Validate bookings, service reminders, and check-in alerts in real time.

Itinerary Changes

Send notifications on schedule changes, delays, or travel advisories.

Promotional Changes

Highlight fare changes, package promotions, and special travel deals.

Travel Tips

Offer valuable insights for specific destinations.

*Source: Stratos

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