Delivering More Than Just Packages

In an era of rapid e-commerce, delivery services face intense competition and rising customer expectations. Many grapple with communication challenges, including unreliable notifications, lack of real-time updates, and inconsistent and limited two-way communications.

Stand out by ensuring your communications are as precise and punctual as your deliveries. Make certain that every dispatch, status update, or delay notification reaches the customer promptly and accurately. Tailor messages based on customer preferences, past interactions, and seamless two-way communications.

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average open rate for SMS campaigns, making it highly effective for delivery notifications*

1 %

of customers will buy from a retailer again if they are able to track their orders**

in Every Message

Keep your customers engaged, informed, and delighted with a singular platform seamlessly integrating with logistics systems, strengthening your brand’s efficiency, reliability, and reputation.

Solution Applications

Instant Dispatch Notifications

Inform customers the moment their package is on the move, setting clear expectations right from the start.

Real-time Tracking Updates

Provide live location updates, ensuring customers are always in the know about their package’s journey.

Estimated Delivery Alerts

Offer accurate delivery timeframes, allowing customers to plan their day accordingly.

Promotional Campaigns

Introduce new service offerings, deals, or loyalty rewards through targeted messages.

Feedback Requests

Seek valuable feedback post-delivery, fostering trust and continuous improvement.

Issue Resolution

Rapidly address delivery hitches or delays, upholding your commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

*Source: Gartner  |  **Source: RetailWire

Deliver Excellence
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