SMS Solutions


Achieve cost-effective global communication for a direct and tailored approach to interacting with your customers.

Use a simple connection to send and receive texts for faster, more dependable, and enhanced customer interactions.

One-Way & Two-Way Messaging

Streamline communication with our one-way messaging solution. Effortlessly send critical updates and notifications to your audience, ensuring prompt and reliable message delivery.

Empower real-time engagement through our two-way messaging platform. Interact seamlessly with your customers, collect valuable feedback, and offer personalized support via two-way conversations that enhance customer relationships and deliver impactful results.

Campaign Manager

Plan, execute, and monitor SMS campaigns. Streamline mass messaging, target specific audiences, and analyze feedback.

Improve communication effectiveness and foster stronger customer relationships.

MNP and HLR Lookups

Identify mobile numbers’ current network after number porting. Retrieve numbers’ real-time status and details from mobile network subscriber databases.

Optimize communication efforts, enhance message delivery success rates, and reduce costs by providing insights into mobile number details and status.

Unlock the Power of SMS

Send SMS to any destination worldwide, without restriction, through our extensive direct carrier connections.

Our carrier-grade network ensures the highest standards for speed and reliability for consistent message termination.

iBASIS Business Messaging supports simple integration into your system via both traditional telecoms protocol SMPP and the more commonly known HTTP API protocol.

Ensure your messages are always delivered the way you intend them to be through our intelligent encoding.

Multiple language and character sets are supported so you can communicate with your customers in their dominant language.

Create engaging and meaningful conversations with your customers by enabling 2-way SMS messaging.

Send satisfaction surveys, appointment reminders, booking confirmations, and manage opt-outs with 2-way numbers via long codes or short codes.

Our intelligent and adaptive routing calculates the shortest route possible for SMS while also sending your messages over the most reliable connections.

By using our own direct carrier connections your SMS will need fewer hops, decreasing latency and increasing security.

Increase your brand’s global awareness with ease using SMS. iBASIS Business Messaging provides in-depth consultation with our clients for global SMS sending.

Our compliance database is continuously updated with the most up-to-date in-country regulations, requirements, and registrations, ensuring total compliance on your behalf.

Manage every campaign you send with our analytics tool. Analyze and optimize as you send. Adjust and tailor your campaigns to your audience.

We provide delivery reports, so you know exactly who has received your SMS and who has not. We optimize your database by discarding numbers that are unreachable or no longer active.

Our platform is built for scale and is robust enough to handle the most demanding SMS volume. With geo-redundant data centers, our platform is available 99.5% per annum.

The Difference

Quality Expert

  • Unified APIs and seamless integration
  • Geo-redundant platform for secure delivery and transparent analytics
  • Best SMS-connected hub for direct connections worldwide

Global and Local Technical Support

  • Dedicated 24/7 technical support with multi-language for in-market relationships
  • Global knowledge of local regulations
  • Advanced inquiry management platform for quick issue resolution
  • Enhanced services free of charge

Commercial and Pricing Model

  • Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • No sign-up fees and free testing
  • Customized pricing per country
    and/or network

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