Crafting Educational Pathways

Delayed notifications, missed updates, and a lack of consistent communication compromise communications and collaboration. Educational bodies experience difficulty personalizing communication for different student needs.

Simplify mass notifications during emergencies and timely updates regarding academic calendars with an easy-to-use platform for customizable templates, data-driven insights to understand parent and student engagement, and mass messaging during crisis situations.

0 %

of campuses use SMS text alert systems to disseminate emergency notifications*

1 %

of adult graduate students enroll with the first school that engages and follows up with them**

Sculpting the Future of Educational Communications

Get a reliable platform ensuring timely updates, fostering better student participation and enhanced parent engagement.

Solutions Applications

Assignment Alerts

Ensure timely registration and deadline reminders

Performance Status

Share updates on grades and academic performance.

Event Notices

Distribute school event notifications on events or schedule changes.

Parent-Teacher Updates

Facilitate effective parent-teacher communication.

Emergency Alerts

Disseminate instant school closure or emergency notifications.

*Source: Campus Safety  |  **Souce: Ruffalo Noel Levitz

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