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Inaccurate transaction alerts, late fraud warnings, or lack of communication lead to customer distrust and financial losses. Phishing scams mimicking bank communication are on the rise. Delayed transaction notifications are leading to financial risks, and there’s an over-reliance on email, which often goes unread.

Banks are looking for enhanced security features in messaging, such as two-factor authentication, real-time transaction and fraud alert systems, and a seamless integration with banking apps for a unified experience.

0 %
average open rate for SMS, making it a highly effective notification tool*
1 %
higher returns when investing in customer experience**

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With real-time, secure messaging and high-delivery rates, iBASIS Business Messaging restores trust, protects your customers’ financial data, and boosts client retention.

Solutions Applications

Account Summaries

Share regular financial overviews

Transaction Alerts

Offer real-time account activity updates

Fraud Notifications

Boost account security with immediate suspect activity alerts


Confirm appointments with banking officials

Service Promotions

Inform customers of new banking services or products

Customer Service

Provide tools for inquiries and feedback

Streamline Banking
with Seamless Messages